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Forum Content Rules

  1. Etiquette & behavior
    Be nice.
    Try to format your posts appropriately, using spoiler tags to hide potentially offensive or graphic content, or just to hide actual spoilers.
    Avoid double posting. If you need to add something to your last post, use the edit feature instead. Double posting is acceptable when adding new information to a topic more than 24 hours after the most recent post, or when bumping a topic that has fallen past the first page.
    When reviving older topics that have fallen back a few pages, make sure your post contributes to the subject and/or encourages further discussion.

  2. Content vs. spam
    Posts should contribute something to the subject. Nonsense posts, repeated unreasonably short posts, or posts made exclusively to advertise other content are considered spam and should be avoided. That is not to say that you can't link to or promote a website or product, so long as it doesn't appear that your only purpose for posting is to advertise.

  3. Duplicate accounts
    Duplicate accounts are not allowed whatsoever.

  4. Mature content
    Please refrain from posting any pornographic or extremely graphic content. Suggestive or mildly graphic posts are acceptable within reason. Use the spoiler tags when posting anything mature. If you have questions about what kind of content is and is not allowed here, feel free to PM the staff or ask in the Questions & Support forum.
    Profanity is perfectly fine so long as it is not used to target or abuse other people.


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