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  • on Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:42 pm
Cirren Ownership Rules

  1. Changing official designs

  2. Trading, selling, and gifting

  3. Commercial use
    Before using your art of cirrens to make a profit, please contact @Nefari either via PM on this website or through her DeviantArt. This does not necessarily apply to selling cirren designs: for more information on that, see this topic.

  4. Mature content & fan art
    Go ahead and create anything you want with your cirren, but please be respectful of sites' content rules when sharing NSFW art. If someone is not comfortable with NSFW content being made of their character, don't make NSFW content of their character.
    You're welcome to post suggestive art here, but please refrain from sharing anything pornographic.


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